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A demanding and dynamic combat sport, great for fitness, self-defence and confidence. Disciplines include Point Fighting and Semi Contact



We have classes for all ages and abilities, from the very young with our Little Ninja's, a Beginners Academy and an International Fighting Squad.



With over 30 years experience competing at the highest levels of the sport. Focused and driven providing resulting on and off the tatami

Kickboxing - Self Defense, Fitness and Progression.

Performance - define your own success


We have classes for all ages


Adult Classes 16+, focused on fighting drills, fitness and progressive belt grading

Adult Classes

Kids Kickboxing Classes

Kids Classes 7-15, Focused on devlopment, disicpline and progressive belt grading.

Kids Classes

Little Ninja Kickboxing

Little Ninja's, under 6, working on getting them used to learning, we teach the basics through fun and play.

Little Ninjas


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A progressive club - all inclusive and devlopment focused.

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  • Tennessee and Leigh Randall seminar.
    Tennessee and Leigh Randall seminar.
    On saturday we had a full contact Kickboxing seminar with Tennessee and Leigh randall. Tennessee is one off the top full contact fighters in the world and fights for the WAKO GB team. The power she generates and the skill she demonstrates is amazing. Tennessee has been coached the whole time by her Father Leigh who was showing us their regime, tactist and skills today They took the kids class first and then a two hour adults session. Both classes were shown the importance of guard and gnerating power from the shoulders and hips as well as footwork and timing. It was a great seminar and everyone was buzzing after. the kids loved the game of steal the headgurd and the adults enjoyed the line work and in line sparring at the end.  the skill and dedication of both Tennessee and Leigh is evident in their teaching, demonstrating and perfornance in the ring and it was a priviledge to have them at our club.We also went for a cheeky Nandos after. :)
    June 11, 2018
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  • Red belt grading
    Red belt grading
    More red belt gradings this week! Well done to Chilli. Todd, Jayden, Sofia and Eric  who gained their red belts tonight.Also well done to Bob and  Jenn who got their Orange belt gradings. Loads of hard work and skill demonstrated by you all.
    June 11, 2018
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  • Southampton tournament June
    Southampton tournament June
    We went to Southampton for the southern area  Grans slam  on Sunday. Taking a team of lower grades and some who want mat time, the Grand slam is a good local tournament to gain experience and get a feel for competition fighting. As it was a bank holiday weekend the turnout was low this time, but still there were plenty of good opponents to compete against.   Belle and jazmine ended up in the final again with Belle winning this one with her round kick.Jake showed great composure and good blitzing as he fought through to a winners place.Oliver had a tough fight his first time out, but  stayed the course and scored a lovely Blitz on his opponent. Callum also showed great spirit and carachter. and hard punching. Dan had a bit of trouble in his first section, but came good in teh second with a 1st and 2nd place. Adults saw Andy H and Finn fighting for the first time in Competition. They ended up in the final together and Andy took the title over Finn this time. Ben also got to the final after beating team mate Andy G in the semis. Ben Fought well against his opponet and scored with a great counter hook kick, but  he let the fight get away at the end and had to settle for silver. Rory also won his category well, developing his pulling strategy on his opponent.   Belle 1stJazmine 2ndEllis 3rdJake 1stOliver 4thCallum 2ndDan 1st & 2ndAndy G 3rdFinn 2ndBen 2ndAndy H. 1stRory 1st.
    June 11, 2018
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  • Fight Night  for George and Jamie.
    Fight Night for George and Jamie.
    George Taylor and Jamie Adams entered their first match up fight night on Friday. George was fighting in Light continuous and Jamie in points category. George had a tough fight in his first bout which went to extra tima and despite George stopping his opponent on several occasions the fight went the other way by a point. He then had a one minute rest and had a fresh opponent to fight for another 2x2 minuite rounds/ George Put everything into both fights and scored some great shots, but it was hard to fight two battles back to back with new opponents. Jamie was also in the ring for the first time and was a little overawed by the situation. He scored some good points, but was not thinking about the fight and run into a few points which took the fight away. Despite the results it was great experience for both  of them and they enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next one.
    June 11, 2018
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  • Grading  June 2018
    Grading June 2018
    On Saturday we had  the regular grading for all grades up ro Purple belt. Kids and adults were grading today and we were a little suprised at teh amount of kids we had. It was a very busy and hard working session, but we got through and saw many people gaing their grades aftre performing basic techniques, combinations, Bagwork, padwork, defences. sparring and much more. Great work. Congratulations to you all. 
    June 11, 2018
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